Silage leavening agent

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Silage leavening agent

1.Ingredients: Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecalis and its metabolites, suitable carrier

2.Living bacterium content:

>1×1010 cfu/g >1×1011 cfu/g

3.Product efficacy:

1, The rapid generation of lactic acid, effectively inhibit the growth of rotting bacteria, prevent moldy grass, rot.

2, Inhibit silage heat consumption of nutrients, reduce nutrient loss.

3. Shorten fermentation time, improve fermentation efficiency and improve silage quality.

4, Improve the digestibility of dry matter and crude fiber.

5, Inhibit protein degradation in silage, reduce ammonia content, improve the quality of crude protein.

6, Improve forage flavor, enhance palatability, improve feed intake of livestock.

4.Usage and Dosage:
Calculated by 1×1010 cfu/g content:

Add 20-30g of this product to 1 ton of silage, dissolve and activate with water and stir evenly. The use effect is better after standing and activating for 2 hours, and finish using within 24 hours. Spray the activated bacterial liquid evenly into silage, and compress it while spraying.

5.Precautions: Do not use with disinfection and antibacterial drugs.

6.Shelf life: Low temperature drying preservation, 12 months.

7.Packing specification: 1kg/ bag, 5kg/ bag.


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