Bacillus laterosporus
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Bacillus laterosporus

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Bacillus laterosporus, a gram-positive bacterium, can secrete a large amount of chitinase to inhibit fungal diseases, and has a strong inhibitory effect on vibrio, Escherichia coli, baculovirus and other harmful bacteria.

Ingredients: Bacillus laterosporus and its metabolic products, suitable carrier.

bacillus laterosporus probiotic

Bacillus laterosporus probiotic features:

1) High temperature resistance: Unique high temperature resistant living bacteria.

2) Vigorous growth at normal temperature: Bacillus laterosporus probiotic has strong adaptability to live bacteria, starting from 4°C can grow, 15-30°C high speed growth and reproduction, so as to effectively play the role of prevention and treatment and enhance immunity.

3) High stability: Bacillus laterosporus probiotic has a strong resistance, adapt to PH3.0-9.8, in the high pollution environment to maintain the same characteristics.


Bacillus laterosporus benefits:

1. Application effect in feed additive.

1) Maintain intestinal ecological balance, promote growth: Feed grade bacillus laterosporus probiotic can secrete a variety of enzymes, produce organic acids, promote animal growth, absorption of nutrients.

2) Adjusting immunity: Feed bacillus laterosporus in the animal body growth and metabolism process can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, enhance animal immunity, improve animal disease resistance.

3) Optimize the breeding environment: Reduce the concentration of harmful gases and malodorous gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the house. Reduce the discharge of pathogenic bacteria and purify the breeding environment.


bacillus laterosporus probiotic

Application effect in agriculture.

1) Improve the soil, solve the phenomenon of soil consolidation, so as to activate the soil.

2) Promote root growth, enhance root absorption capacity, so as to improve crop yield.

3) Inhibit the propagation of pathogens in and out of plants, reduce pests and diseases, and reduce pesticide residues.

4) Agriculture bacillus laterosporus can solidify and passivate heavy metals, reduce the content of heavy metals in plants.

bacillus laterosporus probiotic

Bacillus laterosporus probiotic application:

1) Completed feed addition, feed additive addition, premix addition.

2) The production of biological organic fertilizer, fermentation organic fertilizer.

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Usage and dosage:

Calculated according to the content of 10 billion CFU /g, other product dosage can be converted according to the actual content.

Dosage in feed addition

According to the 100-150 g/ton is added in the feed granulating , also can step by step based diet or added to the mix evenly direct drinking water (soluble carrier)

Dosage in agriculture

Mix organic fertilizer or spray, drip irrigation (soluble carrier):1-2kg/ acre, 1-2 times a month, once 20 days for vegetables, adjusted according to different planting varieties (If used with Bacillus subtilis, the effect is even better).

Fermentation organic fertilizer :100-200g/ton, it is recommended to use together with Bacillus licheniformis or organic material decaying agent and other fermentation products to achieve better results.

Notes: Do not use it together with disinfection or antimicrobial drugs.

Shelf life: Keep in a cool and dry place for 12 months.

Packing: 25kg/ bag.

probiotic bacillus laterosporus

laterosporus probiotic


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