Bacillus Mucilaginosus
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Bacillus Mucilaginosus

Attribute Name

Attribute Value


White Powder(no deliquescence and caking)


3/5 /10 billion cfu/g or customization

Water Content

≤ 8%

Particle Size

≥90% pass 60 mesh

HS Code


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Bacillus Mucilaginosus  is the best fungus used as biofertilizer to promote the conversion of invalid phosphorus and potassium in soil, increase the supply of phosphorus and potassium in soil, and improve crop yield. The strength of bacillus gelatinus in phosphorus, potassium and silicon hydrolysis is super strong. Bacillus colloid can produce carbonic anhydrase and has certain effect on the fixation of carbon dioxide.

[ Product Efficacy]

1. Used for agricultural cultivation:

1.1 The product has a good effect on the degradation of potassium in the soil and releases the soluble potassium and medium trace elements such as calcium,sulfur, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese,etc.

1.2 Both improve the soil fertility, and provides the crops comprehensive nutrition elements which can be absorbed and utilized,improve the utilization rate of fertilizer obviously.

[Usage and Dosage]

Calculate content as 1× 1010 cfu/g, dosage of other products can be according to the actual content for conversion.

1. Fermentation of organic fertilizer: combine with other microbial powder and the dosage is 50-100 g/ton.

2. Configuration of organic fertilizer: blending this product in 200-300 g/mu with farmyard manure, chemical fertilizer or moderate fine soil for bottom application, topdressing or water spray directly.


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