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Yeast Polysaccharides Stimulate And Enhance Immune Function

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Yeast polysaccharides stimulate and enhance immune function

Yeast polysaccharide (YPS) has no toxicity or mutagenicity, and can obviously stimulate immune function. Yeast cell walls contain a large amount of beta -1-3-D glucan and mannan, which produce nonspecific immunity to diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as stress reactions caused by transportation, translocation, inoculation and climate. Studies have shown that mannans can activate the immune system response and yeast polysaccharides can significantly enhance the immune adhesion of erythrocytes. The anti - inflammatory activity of yeast mannans treated with sulfuric acid was significantly improved.Yeast polysaccharides were encapsulated by liposomes, and their immune enhancement was prominent, and the immune function was strongly activated.

Yeast Polysaccharides Stimulate And Enhance Immune Function

Yeast polysaccharides (YPS) enhance immune function by stimulating the proliferation of lymphocytes in animals. Macrophage activation in animals, it is generally believed in vivo reticuloendothelial system under the stimulus of glucan, produce a lot of play a key role in the body's immune function of macrophages, and macrophages by phagocytosis of absorption, destruction and removal of internal injuries, aging, death and invasion of pathogenic microorganisms in the body's own cells;Increases the ability of the animal to produce natural killer cells;Inducing animals to have nonspecific immunity to candidiasis and improving survival rate; Maintain the micro-ecological balance to enhance animal immunity, improve animal health, increase the adaptability of animals to adverse external stimuli, so as to improve production performance and increase economic benefits.

Yeast Polysaccharides Stimulate And Enhance Immune Function

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