Yeast cell wall
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Yeast Cell Wall

Yeast cell wall Packing:25kg/bag,  600kg/bag

Yeast cell wall Loading:

12tons/20GP without pallet ,10tons/20GP with pallet;

26tons/40GP without pallet ,20tons/20GP


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Yeast Cell Wall

Yeast cell wall is a kind of natural and efficient immune enhancer derived from yeast, it is produced by autolysis,hydrolysis, separation and spray drying of yeast catalyzed by exogenous enzyme, the main functional components are mannan and beta-glucan, animal feed additives yeast cell wall can improve immunity,absorb pathogenic bateria and a variety of mycotoxins, protect animals from vomiting toxin, zearalenone and other toxins.

Yeast cell wall composition:


Light yellow to taupe




With yeast cell wall characteristic odor, no odor


Poultry,Ruminate,Aquaculture,Swine,Pets and special animals

Yeast cell wall is made up of          

1).β-glucan: stimulates the body to produce lymphocytes,make the body produce specific immunity to pathogenic bacteria,activate macrophages in the body.

2).MOS: Mannan oligosaccharides are functional polysaccharides with many biological activities,can improve animal production performance,adsorb mycotoxin, inhibit pathogenic bacteria,enhance the immune system's defenses.

Product Features

Stomach acid resistant, high temperature resistant, can granulating, widely used in animal Feed

Product Function

1) Stimulating immune factor,enhance body immunity.

2) Maintain the balance of animal intestinal flora and reduce gastrointestinal diseases.

3) Adsorb mycotoxin, inhibit pathogenic bacteria

4) Improve animal production performance

Yeast cell wall composition

Grade 1

Grade 2

Crude Protein,% ≤



Mannosan% ≥



β-Glucan % ≥



Moisture,% ≤



Hygienic index


Aflatoxin B1,ug/kg















Coliforms cfu/g



Molds cfu/g



Salmonella in25g



Packaging & Storage

Packaging:25kg/ bag, 600kg/big bag OEM label.

Storage: Store cool, dry and protect product from direct light.

yeast cell wall composition

1) What yeast cell wall is made up of ?

Yeast cell wall is made up of of two types of polysaccharides, D-glucan and D-mannan, and contains a small amount of protein, fat and minerals, is a natural green additive rich in various biologically active substances such as β-glucan and mannan (MOS), which can enhance immunity, prevent and treat diseases, promote growth, relieve stress, adsorb mycotoxins, and supplement nutrition etc. With physiological functions, wide source and low production cost, animal feed yeast cell wall has been applied to pigs, poultry, ruminant livestock, aquatic products and other animal breeding as feed additives.

yeast cell wall is made up of


2) Features of feed grade yeast cell wall: 

1. Rich in yeast β-1,3/1,6-D glucan and mannan oligosaccharide.
2. Natural immunopotentiator, no residue, no toxic and side effect.
3. Good stability, applicable for pelleting and puffing.
4. Advanced separation extraction process to ensure stable quality.

3) Yeast Cell Wall product efficacy: 

1. Absorb mycotoxins and decrease the restrain of mycotoixin on immunity system.
2. Promote the growth of aquatic animals and get down the feed coefficient.
3. Improve the hematopoetic function of animals as well as animal shape and fur.
4. Accelerate the immunity, milk production and butter-fat percentage of dairy cow.

yeast cell wall

using cell wall products from molasses fermentation of pure culture yeast with more stable quality and better adsorption effects.

yeast cell wall

yeast cell wall is made up of

If you want to buy bulk yeast cell wall for Poultry, Ruminant, Aquaculture or special animals feed additives with factory supply price, welcome to choose us. As a professional yeast cell wall supplier, Shuntian provides various animal feed additive products including: dry active yeastfeed grade yeast extract, brewer's yeast etc. With rigorous scientific research team and quality control system, our yeastproducts have gained high reputation from customers of Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa etc. Welcome to select your interested products and contact us for detailed information!

the cell wall of yeast is composed of

yeast cell wall composition

yeast cell wall made of


yeast cell wall structure


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