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Main roles of Bacillus subtilis in agriculture:

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1). Inhibiting the growth of bacteria: Bacillus subtilis can reproduce rapidly in the soil under appropriate temperature conditions, quickly become the dominant bacteria, occupy the dominant advantage, effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of other bacteria in the soil, and prevent soil-borne diseases.

(2) Bactericidal effect: Bacillus subtilis in the process of reproduction, can produce subtilisin, polymyxin, nystatin, short bacitracin and other active substances, these active substances will cause pathogenic bacteria mycelia fracture, disintegration or cytoplasm digestion, to kill bacteria, effectively prevent and control the harm of bacteria to crops.

(3) Improve soil structure: Bacillus subtilis can multiply by using humus in the soil and decompose organic matter in the soil, which can not only increase the available nutrients in the soil and improve the soil structure. Prevent soil from hardening.

(4) Promote crop growth: Bacillus subtilis in the process of reproduction, but also produce a variety of hormone substances and various vitamins, not only can improve soil nutrient content, but also promote crop growth, improve the yield and improve the quality of agricultural products.

Main characteristics of Bacillus subtilis:

(1) Fast propagation speed: Bacillus subtilis has a particularly fast propagation speed under suitable temperature conditions, which is more than 8-12 times faster than other bacteria, and can quickly become the dominant bacteria.

(2) bactericidal spectrum wide: Bacillus subtilis mainly through the inhibition or production of lytic substances, to achieve the purpose of the prevention and control of diseases and pests, can effectively prevent and control bacterial blight, root rot, sheath blight, fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, stem rot and other soil spread and seed spread diseases.

(3) Pollution-free: Bacillus subtilis is a kind of living microorganism beneficial bacteria, mainly through fermentation reproduction, is a completely pollution-free biological agent, is the production of organic agricultural products fertilizer.

(4) Wide adaptability: Bacillus subtilis has good stability in spore state, oxidation resistance, extrusion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, can long-term resistance to 60°C high temperature, can survive for 20 minutes at 120°C temperature, is currently beneficial microbial species better adaptability.

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